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Find Your Adrenaline

Casey and the Fling

Looking forward to following Casey on the Hoka Highland Fling this weekend – will try and get some snaps and footage of the event and post up on FYA.Ultra athletes kick off at 6am from Milngavie Train Station for the quick 53 mile jaunt up the West Highland Way to Tyndrum!!!http://www.highlandflingrace.org/ 

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Hydration and what to choose

I’ve always struggled with drinking water on its own because it’s so bland. Jazzing it up with some fruit juice has always won hands down, but with me now looking at the holistic approach to my training, I thought I’d ‘investigate’ if there was anything more pleasant than water to accompany me on my travels.The [...]

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The misty blue hills of…….Spain

With weather and views like this, a little easier to see how the pain of ultra running can be managed. A quick pic of Casey on a training run in advance of the XII Cursa al Teix. Casey came in 4th with a time of 1.38.18 for the 17km race with over 1050m of vertical [...]

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I just don’t have the time……

There are hundreds of reasons/excuses for not getting out there and doing any exercise. So how do you fit exercise into your average day-to-day routine?Here’s one for starters. I was driving to work the other day and up pops Rosemary Conley on the radio. Her tip, while driving, is to pull your stomach in and [...]

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Find Your Adrenaline welcomes Casey Morgan

FYA welcomes Casey Morgan on board. Casey is an ultra trail runner currently out in Mallorca and about to compete on the 12th April in the XII Cursa al Teix. We will catch up with him properly once he is back in Scotland next week preparing for the Highland Fling – until then this gives [...]

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Marathon des Sables – wishing the Al(l)ans well.

Slightly unusual way to get over an injury – going running with folks about to compete in the Marathon des Sables, but that’s what we’ve been up to. So here is the script….Couple of quick runs tail end of last week to ease the calf back in, no pain a little bit of stiffness, but [...]

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The Great Trainer Robbery – Injury Update

Injury is a funny thing – from a purely medical point of view I have torn my calf muscle, the lateral head of the Gastrocnemius to be precise. Apparently I have lost about 10% of the muscle (especially bad for me because with my puny legs there’s not that much to lose!!) and not something [...]

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The Great Trainer Robbery – The Setback

After the much vaunted video trailers for the Great Trainer Robbery, afraid we have had a slight setback. Due to injury we are going to bump the event by a couple of weeks. Once a particular calf is fit and well again we will post the route and rules for the event. In the meantime, [...]

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The Great Trainer Robbery – The Getaway

Well we are just about there, the second last instalment of the Great Trainer Robbery has landed and we can safely say without fear of contradiction that this episode is very much the ‘Godfather Part II’ of our quadrilogy – strongest by far, not to say that the other episodes have all been ‘Godfather Part [...]

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