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Pipe and Dum - The Resolution Route

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Pipe and Dum - Resolution Route

Right folks this one is set to go until the end of February - same logic applies from before. Run it and share your thoughts and pictures of how you get on. Don't forget to tag @glasgowtrails and @findadrenaline, and use the hastag #resolutionroute and we will sort out some gear for the winners. 

This month our route is very ably modelled by the lovely Ryan from Glasgow Trailfest. Ryan is resplendent in compression short/calf guard combo, allied with a devil may care buff/beanie motif setting off his luxurious locks. Note the attention to detail as he colour coordinates both jacket and knees with the remnants of last weeks snowfall. It all adds up to a picture that says 'I know where I'm going and I'm confident in my semaphore'.

The Route:

The start and finish are both at the War Memorial on the junction to Campsie Dene Road in Strathblane. Simple case of following the pipetrack towards Killearn before breaking off and heading up and over Dumgoyne until you rejoin the track on the other side and then head for home. Here are a few landmarks to help you on your way as well as more detailed guidance below the images to ensure the right track once you have come off Dumgoyne,

The Start  - Head up Campsie Dene Rd.

Tarmac turns to trail once you come past the     
big houses - your on the 'pipetrack'. 

Follow straight ahead for 2k

At the 2k mark (ish - phone apps/watches may vary)

Turn off the pipetrack when you get to this gate.

You will know if you've missed it because if you
carry on, its pretty much the first major bend on
the route since the start.

Follow the trail up through a couple of gates.

Over the stream with one eye on Dumgoyne and

You'll once over the stream and wall you'll flatten
out a little as you head towards the climb up 
Dumgoyne with Dumfoyne on the right.

At the big rock its time to get steep and head
for the top.

Once you're at the top you come off the back of
Dumgoyne to the NE (effectively 180 degrees from
where you came up). Down to the plateau pictured

There is a well worn track from the top with a scree
slope sitting over on your right hand side as you
descend from the top.

Dumgoyne is the high point of the route - so if you
find yourself climbing significantly again once you 
come down to the plateau you have gone the
wrong way, and will need to retrace your steps.

There are more detailed direction below from Jo
and Ryan at the base of these pictures to ensure
you stay on the right track once you are at the top
of Dumgoyne.

Once off the top and with Dumgoyne at your back,
follow the trail and head for the wee saddle.

Within the picture the track you want is the path
picked out in snow running vertically in the centre
of the image into the distance.

From here on in it should be plain sailing, just a 
case of completing the loop back to the pipetrack.

There are a couple of branches in the track, but
if you follow the major branch in each case you
shouldn't go too far wrong.

Here's the first branch - follow the right branch 
over the small rise you see in the picture.

Once over the saddle it's a case of crossing the
boggy ground until the 
trail becomes a double
'Landrover' track.

There is now only one main junction before you
come back onto the pipetrack.

In the picture here you go left rather than the
right over the river.

Follow the 'Landrover' track as it zig-zags its way
back down to the 'pipetrack' and you turn left to
start heading for home.

Stay straight. The only real junction of note comes
about 3k from the finish.

Stay left and your home free.

Just keep on truckin' until your back to the start.

One final piece of guidance if you are heading out.

Be mindful of other users in the countryside, e.g. It's
shooting season, so you may come across notices
like the picture opposite.Just as Jo did over last
weekend (21/22Jan).

Common sense should prevail as alway when out
and about.

If there is guidance saying keep out - KEEP OUT!!

May well be a case of retracing steps or finding an
alternate route back - so prepare for contingencies.

The Strava Sector:

As always here's the disclaimer – running the route is at your own risk, you need to be fit and carry appropriate kit, navigation tools and provisions to do so safely. It's cold and slippy out there so please do take care.

Here are some additional navigation details from Jo and Ryan and Glasgow Trailfest once you've got to the top of Dumgoyne.

From the top of Dumgoyne summit head North and you'll quickly pick up a path which veers in a NE direction. This skirts along the top of a spur. Stay left of this spur and the path steeply descends in a NE direction. To the right of the spur is a very steep scree slope in a corrie with no path. If you find yourself here, retrace your steps and you'll regain the path.

Once you plateau below Dumgoyne continue in a NE direction. You'll quickly cross a wide track which runs West to East. Ignore this and keep on a NE direction for approx 0.5km. The ground is rough and boggy; the path is there, but is less well used, so additional attention will be required.

Continue on this small path and cross a small boggy stream gully before picking up a 4x4 track which runs downhill in a NW direction. Follow this track in a NW direction and you start losing height as you head for Killearn. Sticking to this track, it turns North after approx 0.5km before swinging NE, then N to contour round the higher ground.

Ignoring the two tracks which branch off to the right, the track swings West and downhill as it zig-zags down to the Pipe Track. Passing through a gate, the track goes through a grassy field, before joining the Pipe Track which runs North-South. Turn South on the Pipe Track and follow this obvious track through a number of gates back to Strathblane. If you reach the main road or Killearn village, retrace your steps as you've gone too far.

One basic rule for when you're on Dumgoyne summit and visibility is poor and you're not feeling confident of finding the correct route (this applies to anytime you're up there, not just this route): descend Dumgoyne in a WESTERLY direction. If you descend West, and keep descending, you will soon reach the Pipe Track (turn South to return to Strathblane) or, crossing it, you will reach the main road and be able to get help and/or locate yourself. However, if you descend East you run a serious risk of getting lost in the Campsies, making it difficult to know your location and, therefore, hard for Mountain Rescue to locate you. So, if the weather is really bad and you've lost your confidence, the basic rule is descend WEST.

We strongly recommend carrying a map of the area (preferably with the route marked on it in advance), a compass, a phone, a whistle and using some of the apps that Gary Tompsett recommended after the RunWHERE? navigation training.https://glasgowtrailrunningfestival.co.uk/2017/01/13/chilly-navigation-training/

We would also suggest that runners who are not confident of map reading and navigating in poor visibility do not run this route solo, but partner-up with someone who is more experienced in running on open hillside.

Below are some useful links.

GPX file:
Download the gpx file of the route from Strava (you need a premium account):

Get the route from Strava:
"Star a route that a friend has shared with you to add it to your collection. If you want to create a route based on another athlete’s activity, use the Wrench icon on their activity page and select “Create Route”."