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Route 1 - Conic Bail

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Where good intentions and motivation collide.......

When the barometer is set fair all week and you've watched beautiful days go by from the office desk, it's time to get out there in the evening and go round the Conic Loop again.

Certainly on the way out and with Loch Lomond beckoning the good intentions seem well placed.

But then: 

  • you approach the final wee descent that takes you to the low point before you start the Conic climb (the point of no return for the loop)
  • you realise that the midges have already worked out your not running fast enough to keep them at bay, and
  • the leftover slice of pizza (OK two) stolen from your son's plate sitting heavy in the stomach 

Motivation dwindles......to hell with it.....and anyway the view back towards the Campsies is pretty good too!!