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FYA Routes

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Part of what we are trying to do at FYA is keep you up to date on some of the things we are up to and how we are getting on with our own training and events. Through 2016 and beyond we are planning to include some of the routes that we are running, cycling and swimming. Hopefully it will provide food for thought on options and places to go!!

Broadly the basis for the routes will be:

  • Places we like - while that covers a multitude of sins, in short we want to be out in beautiful countryside that provide a particular challenge or achievement we can look back on.
  • Places you recommend - please let us know of the routes you like and can recommend and if we can get there and take crack at it we will.
  • Events based - if we are training for a particular event or to achieve a particular goal, we will let you know the logic of why we are using the route and also whether it has had an impact (good or bad).

Please note, the routes we publish are there for enjoyment. It is however entirely up to you as an individual if you want to get involved, comment or undertake one of the routes. While we try to ensure the accuracy of the route information, it is not guaranteed.  We accept no liability if you do decide to undertake a route, but do urge that if you do so ensure you are properly prepared both physically and also with the equipment you wear and carry, as well as ensuring you are prepared for the weather or conditions you may encounter.