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Suffer in September - Suffer in Silence

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Suffer in silence.

Have been merrily bumping along with heart rate monitor on and taking a note of suffer scores as we go.

Thoughts so far:

Well if we keep in mind that the bands go from unrated for under 100; 100 to 150 as 'Tough'; 151 to 250 as 'Extreme'; and those above 250 as 'Epic', then........

  • Bike: given up hills and down and the associated natural rest (less intense) periods on a bike, it has proven pretty hard to move above 'Tough'
  • 'Extreme' on the running isn't too hard to hit, but as the name suggests will take something 'epic' to record an 'epic'
  • Motivation can take a dip when a throw away comment to a proper athlete nets a screenshot like the following:

Depending on whether you are a half full or half empty sort of person its motivation a-go-go or a kick in the nuts, either way time to suffer in silence on that front!!

Plans from here:

  • Trossachs 10k to see what some true effort nets us.
  • Beat the techna-phobia and get the live suffer score loaded on the watch to see what impact that has.
  • Push on with the cycling to see whether we can jump up to extreme with a little more ooomph.....