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The Resolution of the Resolution Route

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Well folks - a belated update on the Resolution Route from Glasgow TrailFest and Find Your Adrenaline.

Congratulations to all who took a crack at it. 

Before we get to the winners a couple of notes of thanks:

  • First of all to Graham Kelly - for organising a group run and taking a good few folks out on a snowy, misty day. Some lovely shots and fun times.
  • Secondly to John Penman - for travelling all the way over from Fife to take a crack at, top effort, albeit the draw to come West from the East is always understandable!!

To both, if you give us a shout we will organise some sort of kit by way of a reward for you guys via support@findyouradrenaline.com

And the winners are (please find your own link to a drum-roll):

  • Katie Hall
  • Sean McMinn

Congratulations - you both receive an OMM Marathon Pack Ultra 12 - again please just get in touch via support@findyouradrenaline.com and we will sort it out.

So what of the next route - well if you remember right at the beginning we said it was not all about us defining the routes, but rather about sharing routes we enjoy and moreover getting the chance to run somewhere different, places others rate. 

So it's time for Glasgow Trailfest and Find Your Adrenaline to bow out.....BUT.....not entirely.....It's over to you. If you want to tell us about somewhere you run and recommend, why not pull together a route and send it over to us. We will take a look, post it and we'll keep up our end and supply some prizes on the other side. Don't forget to throw in a hashtag that you want to use.

Finally and another thank you to Graham Kelly for providing a review of the OMM Rotor Vest won on the December route. Take a look

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