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Ultra Trail Scotland by FYA

Posted by Find Your Adrenaline on

Find Your Adrenaline are launching the new Ultra Trail Scotland website later today. The site will be the portal for all information about the Ultra Trail Scotland event to be held on the weekend of 7th October 2017. 

The event will include three distinct races:

  • 75km Ultra Marathon
  • 25km race
  • Vertical race

With the main 75km being the concluding race of the AlpinUltras 2017 series, over some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in Scotland.

Pre-registration open at Midnight tonight!!

Glasgow Trailfest - 15th October | Mugdock Country Park

Really looking forward to heading along to Glasgow Trailfest at Mugdock Country Park next weekend. Time to start introducing the brand to folks to see what they think as well as hearing Casey tell story on Strength and Conditioning. Jo and Ryan have put together a wide ranging programme covering some cracking content, so whether its the chance [...]

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Suffer in September - Suffer in Silence

Suffer in silence.Have been merrily bumping along with heart rate monitor on and taking a note of suffer scores as we go. Thoughts so far: Well if we keep in mind that the bands go from unrated for under 100; 100 to 150 as 'Tough'; 151 to 250 as 'Extreme'; and those above 250 as 'Epic', then........Bike: given [...]

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Suffer in September - Strava Premium Review

So 'Suffer in September' seemed sensible and sounds scintillating?But apart from assuaging our ongoing need for a pointless alliteration, what's it all about?Since the Garmin Challenge we have been humming and hawing about our next challenge. Yes the training continues and we are signed up for a couple of things like the Trossachs 10k later this [...]

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Garmin Challenge - done and dusted

Well folks, last week we completed our June Garmin Challenge and we made it - 30 days of building and breaking the Garmin Step Count each day and a 100% pass mark.Here's the final tally on the numbers:Highlights and lowlights: Finishing - it's not been quite as hard a month as we thought it would be. The count [...]

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Garmin Challenge - half way point

We are half way there now and still on track - not sure the track was what we were expecting (The Garmin targets and daily uplifts are more and more curious as the time goes on - glad on one front as we would be some 4000 additional steps north by now if things had gone as  expected [...]

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Garmin Challenge - 1 week down

We are a week in and things are going good, not as expected, but all good.......We have hit the target Garmin has set and more each day, but still in the dark on where there boundaries lie and the logic for the next day target uplift for the step count comes from. Here's the stats [...]

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Garmin Challenge - 1st of June and Day 1!

Last week we posted our plan for a Garmin Challenge - its the 1st of June and it's time to get started.Day One and the target is set at 8533 steps. Pretty gentle start, a couple of dog walks and maybe a wee run later this evening to knock it off.What does the starting point tell us - to [...]

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Our Garmin Challenge

Garmin step counter challenge.Last year we did a review of the 920XT watch. At the time we were aware it did a lot (perhaps more than we could fathom or use) and a year on while we are still happily using it to track our runs and cycles, there are a number of functions that really [...]

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Hoka Review - ish

OK so note really a review at all, rather a an admittance to ineptitude. As we mentioned last week, we planned to head along and lend our support as the competitors headed through at Inversnaid and we were 'taking a punt on our maths' for arrival times to catch some of the early action. On the plus side, [...]

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