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Thinker my @rse – training update

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OK so I admit the title of the blog, the picture and logic behind it will need a little explaining – the short version, it’s bloody tenuous (yet again – making a habit of this). The long version struggling to make excuses and spending too long thinking about ways to make the excuses!

We are now a week and a half on from Dig in at the Dock and the silence has been deafening….Not because I have been doing a bit of training, or because I don’t know what event we are going to take a crack at next……it’s already in the diary, BUT (and jeas I know I need to get away from ‘buts’ [insert your own inappropriate gag here]) the problems with my self diagnosed sciatica continue, albeit they are as of earlier this week finally on the mend……I think……

How do I know? I don’t, but towards the end of a morning run last Saturday I got a pretty acute and stabbing pain in my lower back – ‘that’s it for the next event I thought’, but as Monday and Tuesday rolled around the pain subsided (significantly) and more to the point the associated pain in my bum and leg started to feel better too. As previous posts bear witness, I am no doctor, but I am putting this stabbing pain down to some sort of release of whatever was going wrong previously…..Not buying it? No me neither……

So that’s why it’s the Thinker – at the moment while each run gives me a little more confidence that the problems are behind me, I am going to take the next week to ponder and see whether they actually are and the pain in my arse (back and leg) have truly gone, so we can start looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Dug out at Bo’ness

Dig in at the Dock 2016So Bo’ness, home to an historic railway museum and last weekend to the climax of the Super Quaich Cyclocross Series ……why the image of the train rather than the biking?Perhaps it’s in there to provide a little bit of misdirection and take the focus away from my performance at the [...]

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Filling a much needed gap…..time to Dig In….

Well I received my rider’s guide for this Sunday’s Dig in at the Dock earlier in the week and it came as a stark reminder that I am woefully under prepared. When I think back to last year’s race and the shape I was in versus where I am now, I can only conclude it [...]

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Dig In Training Update – Sea Legs

A little more inspiration from round 2 of the Super Quaich Cyclocross Series from Ayr last week. Some good B race shots.———————————————-Training update: afraid this is going to be short – mirroring my training sessions to date!!Have gone with ‘Sea Legs’ for good reason, so far the trials and tribulations are two fold. 1) The [...]

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A slightly dirtier pair of heels?

I was sent on a link to this video by a pal who is helping out with the setup of Dig in at the Dock – to wet my appetite?????………more likely to provide a none to subtle dig and a kick up the bum that I need to get training.Thoughts on the Cross Event at [...]

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Showing 2015 a clean pair of heels

Dig in at the Dock – the first event we are going to take a crack at this year – get yourself along to Bo’Ness on 21 February to see what it’s all about and lend your support.—————————————————–So the New Year resolution has kicked in, great intentions and hope for a great new year.Well [...]

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Cadence with confidence

Would appear that getting my confidence back after injury is a difficult thing. Medically nothing wrong, physically nothing wrong, mentally…….plenty.The first thought when I set off on a run is ‘how will the calf hold up?’, then the brain truly kicks in as soon as I have gone a few hundred metres, with a ‘what’s [...]

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The Great Trainer Robbery – Injury Update

Injury is a funny thing – from a purely medical point of view I have torn my calf muscle, the lateral head of the Gastrocnemius to be precise. Apparently I have lost about 10% of the muscle (especially bad for me because with my puny legs there’s not that much to lose!!) and not something [...]

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